Copies are available at the Cannavino Library at Marist College.

The Hudson River Ecology: Forth Symposium on the Hudson River Ecology, held at Bear Mountain, NY. March 28-30, 1976.
Descr.: 32 Academic papers on Public Policy, Water Quality and Biology delivered at the Fourth Symposium on the Hudson River, March 28-30,1976, Bear Mountain, NY. Includes tables, maps and charts.
640 pgs. 1976
Papers of the Fifth Symposium on Hudson River Ecology: 1980. Held at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY. Apr. 24-25, 1980.
Eds.: Joseph W. Rachlin and Gilbert Tauber.
Descr.: 11 Academic papers on Energy Production, Shoreline Modification, Water and Wastewater and Fisheries. Includes tables, charts and maps.
108 pgs. 1980.
The Hudson River: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Relating Human Use to a Natural Resource. 6th Symposium on Hudson River Ecology. Held at Bear Mountain State Park, Sept. 18-19, 1985.
Eds.: Dr. Leonard Dworsky, Cornell University, Pamela Otis, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Col. Gerald E. Galloway, U.S. Military Academy, Col. William J. Reynolds, U.S. Military Academy.
Descr: 18 Academic Papers on Historical Settlement Patterns, Fisheries, Ecosystems, Industry and Agriculture.
83 pgs. 1985.
Who's Doing What II: An Updated Guide to Hudson River Research and Monitoring. Supplement to the October 22, 1997 Conference held at the Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY.
Descr: 21 Academic Papers on Fisheries, Ecosystems, Industry and Agriculture. Guide to current research, 1997.
64 pgs. 1997
Who's Doing What: A Guide to Hudson River Research - 1994
Contaminants in the Hudson: Status and Trends - Abstracts of Stevens Institute of Technology Conference - Nov.2001

The two titles below are available for $5.00, plus shipping and handling:
Fisheries Research in the Hudson River.
Ed. C. Levett Smith
Descr.: Addresses water quality and pollution problems. Focus on specific species of fresh water fish, their habitats and ecosystems with a focus on the effects of pollution and fisheries management. Includes maps, charts and diagrams.
SUNY Press. Paperback and Hardbound available.
407 pgs. 1988.
Estuarine Research in the 1980s.
Eds.: C. Lavett Smith
Descr.: Overview of research conducted on the Hudson estuary since 1980. Includes physical, chemical and biological studies as well as papers on historical models. Includes maps, charts and diagrams.
556 pgs. 1992. SUNY Press.